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Peacock, Orinoco

(Cichla orinocensis)

(Humboldt, 1821); CICHLIDAE FAMILY; also called pavon and borboleto. Orinoco peacocks can be distinguished from all other species of peacock bass by the presence of three large, dark ocellated blotches along their side. They are often confused with butterfly peacocks (Cichla ocellaris) because they are commonly called “burboleta”, which is Brazilian Portuguese for “butterfly. Orinoco peacocks are one of the more common species and can be found in Brazil in the Amazon, Rio Negro rivers, as well as in the Orinoco river in Venezuela and Colombia. These beautiful cichlids are powerful fighters that can be caught on bait, lures and flies. The All-Tackle record is 13 lb 11 oz (6.22 kg) and was caught in Venezuela

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